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LATEST RELEASE!    (OK, it's my only release.)

A moving (?) coming of age memoir by a recovering Baby Boomer.

Pre-publication reviews:
  •    The greatest memoir he's ever written.   his wife
  •         Meh. I guess it's alright.   –his son-in-law.
  •              Run Spot! See Spot run. Good dog!   –a former friend.

It is available in print and soon e-book format. Learn more about the book below.

Horse & Rabbit Stew

Horse & Rabbit Stew  (Available at Amazon—click cover image.)

Memoir: An early Baby Boomer—a precocious child and later a hormone-driven rebellious teenager—squanders the early and less difficult advantage of his family and generation. He somehow manages to get himself squared away with the help of the U.S. Army. Even after his service he continued with his old struggles, as well as some new ones, to conform to others' expectations. That is until he discovers that he must define his personal sense of achievement.

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